We may have some strange names at Humphries Construction, but Humpa, KB, Bazza, Randy, Boo, and Fish are all complete professionals whose work has won awards. Our staff are a testimony to our good name, our reputation. We’re passionate about building, so we hire staff who share the same passion, the same work ethic and the same attention to detail.

Humphries Construction was established in the 90’s by experienced builder, Paul Humphries, and has seen continued growth and development to become a multi-faceted, diverse, award-winning construction company.

Paul, Adam & Kane, as Directors of the company, take pride in every single job undertaken, no matter how big, or how small. Their approachable and professional manner, has seen them entrusted with some significant builds by not only national companies, but international companies such as Toyota New Zealand, Manfeild Park Trust, Westpac, BNZ, Carl’s Jr, Power Farming, Claas, Postie Plus, JVL, Third Bearing, and The Law Room.

Humphries Construction’s reputation is their best advertisement. The frequency of referrals and list of returning clients is testament to their commitment to the production of excellent construction.

The highly experienced team are fully supported in all areas of commercial construction by a wide range of trusted sub-trades and suppliers who have repeatedly proven their skill and dedication to quality.


No longer wielding a hammer, a qualified builder himself, Paul now spends his days working on deals, doing deals, making it happen, sorting it out, buying stuff, and hopefully selling stuff. He’s a man on a mission, and his grey hair is a testament to the work involved in running a successful company that bears his name.

Paul Humphries
Managing Director

Hailing from Feilding, with a love of the outdoors, Adam has worked at Humphries for over 14 years (and he’s still so young!), doing his apprenticeship straight out of school. A Director of the business, Adam has a real passion for building, and for people. He loves nothing more than getting in amongst it, and making it happen!

Adam Dekker
Project Manager/Director

A keen rugby enthusiast, having represented Manawatu, and still going strong, Kane (or KB as he is also known) has been with Humphries for over 14 years – leaving school and heading straight into an apprenticeship. Also a Director of the company, a top bloke, Kane knows what he’s on about, and has a real knack at getting it all sorted.

Kane Barry
Project Manager/Director

Where would we be without Sue? Sue is definitely the Lady-in-Charge, and keeps the place ticking over. With a zest for organisation, and her ability to keep everyone in line, Sue runs a pretty tight ship. We love her for that. If in doubt – ask Sue. Also pretty darn good at making preserves, cheeses and other such time-consuming edible treats. A woman of many talents!

Sue Abernethy
Office Manager

With building and design in her blood…. Sharron has joined the Humphries Construction team as our new Receptionist, bringing loads of knowledge and understanding of the building industry with her. With her two children now all grown up, Sharron enjoys all the fine things in life and likes to give most things a go, so watch out everyone !

Sharron Cutts
Receptionist / Office Administrator

Numbers, figures, measurements and such are definitely Nicholas’ forte. Always with his head down, working through it all, Nicholas never misses a beat. He loves the outdoors, and doesn’t mind the odd LONG walk having recently completed the Milford Track – keeps him fit and able to deal with the vast amount of work always heading his way.

Nicholas Chapple
Quantity Surveyor

Irwin, Craig
Craig joined our team in late 2016 and comes to us with a diverse range of skills. Craig is married with four children and has been in the construction industry for over 20 years.  He’s also a Quantity Surveyor and a Trade Qualified Plumber!  Very handy.  Craig was also a former International Touch and Rugby League Referee but is now coaching and mentoring referees in both sports at local and national levels. Very talented…Go Craig!

Craig Irwin
Quantity Surveyor/Project Administrator

Dion is a qualified engineer and also has 10 years experience draughting.  Dion’s is into motorbikes and he likes to race competitively. Dion also loves spending time with his family.

Dion Cooper
Project Administrator & Cadet Project Manager

A fresh import from Canberra Australia, Britta joined the Humphries Team bringing with her a wealth of knowledge and experience.  Word has it that Britta likes to bake…… something that we can’t confirm or deny but we are all ready and willing to sample her baking !!

Britta Milburn
Quantity Surveyor/Project Administrator


Graham’s role as Project Administrator is a god-send to Kane & Adam, our Project Managers. He sorts out all the ‘nitty-gritty’, and is the liaison person between the project, the subbies, and the Project Managers. He’s the meat between the sandwich, we’d liken him to a good quality fillet steak!

Graham Ramsay
Project Administrator


Having been with Humphries the longest, besides Paul, Adam & KB, Corey truly has stood the test of time. A brilliant worker, always ready to get in amongst it and go the extra mile, it’s easy to see exactly why he’s been such an intricate part of the team for so long. In September 2012, Corey, then aged 36, suffered a stroke. We’re rapt to say Corey came back on board in February 2014 in a part-time capacity, as he continued his rehabilitation. Corey has recently become the Health & Safety Liaison Officer for Humphries Construction where he’s out and about the building sites ensuring everything is in order. Glad to have you back Corey.

 Click here to follow Corey’s journey.

Corey Swensson
Health & Safety Liaison Officer


Our ‘in-house’ Design Team.  These guys are pro at designing the perfect project where no job is too big or too small.Click here  for more information.

Janes, Matt
Matt is another keen sportsman,  but this time it’s Cricket ! Playing in the Horowhenua as his hometown is Levin, Matt looks forward the summer months where he can get out on the pitch and show his stuff.  Despite a dickie knee, he always gives his best.   A  family man as well, Matt always makes time for his wife and children.

Matt Janes
Senior Architectural Designer
PAK Design

Allcock, William
Originally from the sunny Hawkes Bay, William (Will) worked for a couple of years in Canada before returning back to NZ and deciding to move to the Manawatu for a better lifestyle.  Will is a keen fisherman and also enjoys motorsport  (which should come in handy when we have our Team Champs at Daytona!) Will is also building an Off Roader…… Go Will !

William Allcock
Design Technician
PAK Design

Fresh from Uni, Nathan recently joined the PAK Design Team at Humphries Construction.  Born and breed in the Manawatu, Nathan is another keen sportsman and  enjoys playing football for  Hokowhitu.  Being new to the work force, Nathan is eager to get his teeth stuck in to his work, just like getting his teeth stuck into a hot Roast Chicken cooked by his Mum….. YUM!

Nathan Offenbach
PAK Design


Always working like trojans to get the job done these guys are the “go-to” person, “head honcho” at the job they’re working on. And although they’d love to hear from you, they don’t have email access on site, so if you have a query that you want answered , just fire an email through to the office, at info@humphries.kiwi

Fell, Kieran
Kieran is a lover of  all sports and was a keen rugby player  until he hung up his boots, now,  he enjoys a game from the comfort of the side line or an armchair…. somewhere.  A family man, Kieran likes to tiki tour around the country in his Camper Van making sure he does not hogging the road, he classes himself as a ‘courteous’ driver.

Kieran Fell

Stu is the tallest man in the team. With him on our side I think we should start having annual basketball competitions against ITM, not just settling for cricket, although we understand Stu can put his hand to most sports. It is a pre-requisite at ‘Humphries’ to be able to play sport at representative level – it’s what gives us the edge! (Totally tongue and cheek – but if you are looking for a job AND you have rep sport under your belt – check out our Jobs section :-).

Stuart (Stu) Power

Clayton finally stood still long enough for us to take a pic of him. This guy is on the go constantly. Never one to shy away from the camera (so I’m told), and also never one to shy away from a good hard days slog! Another one of our masterful foremen!

Clayton Hancock

In the last decade we did a mighty renovation on a prime site, beachfront at Raumati Beach. We enlisted the assistance of a well respected local builder by the name of Robin Turner. Fast forward about 8 or so years, and Robin Turner has moved to Palmerston North so himself and his lovely lady can settle before having TWINS!!! Yep you heard right, we even do multiple births at Humphries Construction! Brilliant having you on board Robin!

Robin Turner

Tony’s our dairy shed guru – he was so busy building another brilliant dairy shed that he wasn’t around when the photographer came bright and early one Friday morning to take the boys pics. This man may be shy of the camera, but he’s not shy when it comes to building the best darn dairy sheds man has seen since… forever!

Tony Denzel


With construction in his blood, Barry has owned and operated his own construction company for several years and with loads of experience in all aspects of building, Barry was a good find for the team at Humphries Construction.

Barry Aplin

Adam is pretty darn good with a hammer, but boy… you should see him with a squash racket in his hand.  Adam is passionate about the game and in April of 2015 joined up with a mate to play 35 hours of NON-STOP squash  to raise funds to build a much needed home for the children of Mustang, Nepal, while also challenging the Guinness World Record. Mission accomplished.

Adam Fisher

Sam has recently moved up the ranks to Foreman.  His loyalty to along with his excellent work ethic made this a no brainer for the Directors when a position came up. Well done Sam.

Sam Butcher

Darrin has rejoined the clan after seeing the light…finally.  So he’s back, cheeky as ever and raring to go… Just like he never left!

Darrin Southee

Simpson, Barry

Barry (Bazza) is another important member of the Humphries Construction Team.  Bazza is the ‘Go-to Man’  for when you want something done and done properly.  Bazza runs a tight ship and ensures everything is just ticketti boo, but he’s always on hand to welling help whenever and wherever.

Barry (Bazza) Simpson