Palmerston North’s very first officially rated SIX STAR ENERGY EFFICIENT HOME.

ARIDONĀ®, a new cavity system that’s just hit the market, is the brain child of a brilliant kiwi. Better than that, a brilliant kiwi who hails from the Mighty Manawatu! So when we looked over the specs of this new product, which is designed to protect New Zealand homes from the elements, we thought, let’s showcase this product – NOW!

So that’s what we’ve done. This showhome demonstrated exceptional quality design and craftmanship. It’s a six star rated home (Homestar pre-build assessment), with a key focus on warmth, energy efficiency and luxury features without compromising style. And now our lucky owners are paying somewhere in the vicinity of $34 per month for their power and gas. Now THAT’S energy efficiency.

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Project Type

Humphries Construction

Speculative family home showcasing Aridon

4 Doncaster Court, Palmerston North

May 2013

pak design

Feature Project