Ruahine Kindergartens believe that innovative learning gives children the best possible start.

And what better start in newly refurbished premises. Humphries Construction were entrusted with the full facelift of a tired old building, all while the centre remained open. Keeping disturbance while children were sleeping and having quiet time, was all managed by our crafty team!

A job that we’re all proud of, E3 Architects have done a stellar job of designing this upgrade, and the facelift makes this place look brand spanking new. All the parents, teachers and the kids love it. Hey, so do we!!

Located JUST around the corner from our new subdivision in Poplar Grove, how handy is that??


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Project Type

Ruahine Kindergartens Assn

Makino Kindergarten, Feilding

Lethbridge Street

January 2012

Mike Tate-Davis @ E3 Architects

Feature Project