As Director of Humphries Construction, married to Lorelei, and with 3 children, Adam & Lorelei decided it was time to “amp it up”, and make things even busier than they were already.

Lorelei’s lifelong dream was to own her own childcare, running it with the philosophies and strategies by which she lived by, and believed in.

It is truly amazing to see what people do to make their dreams come true. This is an incredible early childhood centre, providing so much more for the children, including animals, hands-on country experiences, good old fashioned play. You have to visit just to see what a testament this place is to Lorelei and her team.

Humphries Construction was employed to assist in the complete renovation of this well loved “old girl”, a beautiful villa set off the road in amongst the trees.


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Project Type

Adam & Lorelei Dekker

Renovating old villa into Education sector

Waughs Road, Feilding

February 2012

pak design

Feature Project