Project Manager

We are currently seeking Project Manager to work within our team.

The main purpose of the Project Manager role is to oversee the construction project from commencement to completion; efficiently and effectively – meeting or exceeding client expectations.

The skills and attributes required for this role are, but not limited to;

    • Excellent interpersonal skills
    • Excellent time management and organisational skills
    • Methodical with an attention to detail
    • Self-motivated
    • Good understanding of computer software and electronic processes
    • Ability to deal with pressure of deadline

The main duties of the Project Manager role are varied depending on the size of the project, whether commercial or residential, whether quoted or design-built.

    The Project Manager needs to be flexible in the requirements of the project and adapt accordingly. The main functions are:

      • Receive plans that have been quantified and surveyed by a QS, Engineer or other Consultant, or take instructions directly from a client contact.
      • Develop a plan and program for commencement of the project, including; organising the setting up of the site, all compliance requirements (including Health & Safety), sub-trade engagement, liaising with other external stakeholders such as Engineers, Architects and sub-trades
      • Arrange appropriate staffing and timetabling in conjunction with the Operations Manager.
      • Work alongside and effectively communicate with the Site Manager / Foreman to assist wherever possible with on-site requirements throughout the project until completion and final handover.
      • Work alongside and effectively communicate with the Client, Client Representatives, Lessee’s, Lessor’s, Engineers, Architects, Property Managers, Project Managers, or other external stakeholders.
      • Manage the various stages of the project using computer-based software, providing accurate documentation, invoicing, and compliance with all relevant legislation.
      • Complete all required documentation, in compliance with legislation, to ensure the project runs smoothly, stays within budget, is accurate and of high quality.
      • Meet with the Client and other stakeholders (as required) to ensure all issues are remedied quickly and professionally.
      • Participate in final hand-over to client ensuring all compliance issues are complete.

      If you want to be part of our team and enjoy the benefits of working for a great company Apply now to join the team!